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Public Relations - Report on PR Workshop

On March 31 I attended a P.R. WORKSHOP at the Kahala Hilton sponsored by "Women in Communication", a professional organization of women in the communication field. The conference was particularly geared to organizations and how they could best achieve the goal of obtaining favorable publicity for their group.

The speakers were tops in local media: Byron Baker (Hawaii Observer), Ed Edwards (Honolulu Star Bulletin), Pete Wolf (Sun Press), Peggy Bendet (Star Bulletin), Shauna Uperesa (Kaiser Channel 6), Bob Sevey (KGMB-TV), Charles Stubblefield (ETV).

The material we received will be invaluable aids to our League communication. A Comalete and comprehensive Checklist for planning special promotions; A Directory of Hawaii Communications Media with names, addresses, deadlines of all media in the State (a copy will be placed in the Action File in the League office); a Publicity Handbook telling HOW to write a press release correctly, when and how to call a press conference.

I have copies of all the pertinent data for anyone wishing to review them, please contact me.

In a recap, the important factors that we should consider in communicating are:

1. Determine what our message is.

2. Who are we endeavoring to say it to? (Know your audience).

3. What is our Goal?

Communication is the total art of expression. Let's have a good framework of communication within League and then work with me to "tell it to the public"

Nancie Perea
PR Chairman

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