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Voters Service Committee - Annual Report

Election Year 1972 saw a great surge of activity for the Voters Service Committee. More than 30 Leaguers became deputized registrars and they "did their thing" at schools, businesses and events all over town, enrolling hundreds of now voters.

In co-operation with the YWCA we presented a six-part lecture series entitled "You and Election '72" which featured many excellent speakers from the community.

We assisted at a "Get Out the Vote" night with the Kalihi-Palama J-C's.

Just before the General Election we published a Candidates Guide in the Press Newspapers. Most of the candidates for State House of Representatives gave their responses to questions prepared by the committee.

Voters Service moved into a new and potentially important area when we became involved in election officiating for a fee. So far. we have helped the JSTA (3 times) the UPW and the Nurses Association. This activity gives our members valuable experience in conducting elections, builds public awareness of the League, and provides us with much-needod facts. Chairman

Claudia Patil

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