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From the President (Diane Hastert)
June-July Calendar
LWW of Honolulu - Officers and Directors 1973-1974
Announcing (Unit Organizers)
State Convention 1973
Please Note
Garbage Bag
Board Bulletin
Solid Waste - Annual Report (Judith Blatchford)
Honolulu Morning - Unit Report (Opal Sloane)
Honolulu Evening - Unit Report (Betty Buck)
Hawaii-Kai - Unit Report (Lucille Rogers)
Windward Morning - Unit Report (Jane Ball)
Windward Evening - Unit Report (Betty Tobiasson)
Introducing - Initiates Program
Report on... Urban Design (Adeline Schutz)
ZPG Panel ... Civil Liberties and Population Stabilization (Grace Furukawa)
Community Announcement: Task Force on Sex Bias
Voters Service (Gretel McLane)
Planning (Adeline Schutz)
League Pulse
Report from the Hill
From National - Funding League Program Priorities
LWV of Honolulu Standing Committees
LWV of Honolulu Program 1973-1974
Time Sheets

Announcing (Unit Organizers)

We proudly present our new unit organizers:

Honolulu Morning:

Chairman - Connie Sofio

Membership - Robin Kenny

Honolulu Evening:

Chairman - Sharon Yokote

Membership - Agnes Gaughab

Hawaii Kai:

Chairman - Barbara Owen

Membership - Grace Bowers

Kailua Morning:

Chairman - Kathy Schmidt

Membership - Joy Curry

Kailua Evening:

Chairman-- Beverly Carter

Membership - Betty Tobiasson

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