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From the President (Diane Hastert)
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LWW of Honolulu - Officers and Directors 1973-1974
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State Convention 1973
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Board Bulletin
Solid Waste - Annual Report (Judith Blatchford)
Honolulu Morning - Unit Report (Opal Sloane)
Honolulu Evening - Unit Report (Betty Buck)
Hawaii-Kai - Unit Report (Lucille Rogers)
Windward Morning - Unit Report (Jane Ball)
Windward Evening - Unit Report (Betty Tobiasson)
Introducing - Initiates Program
Report on... Urban Design (Adeline Schutz)
ZPG Panel ... Civil Liberties and Population Stabilization (Grace Furukawa)
Community Announcement: Task Force on Sex Bias
Voters Service (Gretel McLane)
Planning (Adeline Schutz)
League Pulse
Report from the Hill
From National - Funding League Program Priorities
LWV of Honolulu Standing Committees
LWV of Honolulu Program 1973-1974
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LWV of Honolulu Standing Committees

VOTERS SERVICE - A bustling committee which promotes active and informed voters, and provides non-partisan information. Currently setting up a Capitol Guide program. The avenues are limitless throughout the year.

OBSERVER CORPS - takes you into the legislative committee hearings or regular meetings of the City Council, Board of Education, Land Use Commission, Planning Commission, other government agencies. The newspapers will never report what you'll learn here. A good committee for the woman with a flexible schedule.

EDITORIAL - Our bulletin, the Aloha Voter publishes 10 editions annually. State bulletin, Leo Hana, publishes 4 times a year. Legislative Log is published 2-3 times during the legislative session, Facts and Issues on specific topics are published from time to time for the community, The editors always appreciate helping hands, typists, artists, and writing ability.

FINANCE - A team which has a vital opportunity to help the members raise funds for our overall expenses. This is the place for creative thinking and a chance to meet the business community.

MEMBERSHIP AND UNIT ORGANIZATION - An active and diverse group responsible for recruiting and orienting members, organizing and leading meaningful unit meetings, involving members in League activities. An opportunity to develop your organizational and leadership skills.

PUBLIC RELATIONS - extends the influence of the League by focusing on our positions and activities. Those with a flair for news are welcome here.

SPEAKERS BUREAU - takes the issues to the people in their other organizations.

ARRANGEMENTS - are the party girls. They help by arranging facilities, hostessing, or baking cookies.

OFFICE STAFF - keeps the lines of communication open with the public that phones in with various questions. The vary-skilled members of this group also provide backup services for the other committees -- maintain legislative files, type, mimeograph, collate, handle publications orders. Some of the office help, such as typing, phone, and news-clipping, can be done at home.

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