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Voters Service

Want to get some healthful exercise and fresh air? Meet new people? Improve your conversational ability concerning State government?

--all this, and-

do a great service for the Honolulu League?


By giving as little as a morning a month (or whatever time you can spare) and signing up to be a League tour leader at the State Capitol Building. We can kill two birds with one stone as Capitol tour guides. Bird #1: The League can do a great public service by providing tours for students, tourists and the public at large. The demand is overwhelming. Bird #2: As importantly for us, we can make some money and let more people see the League in action.

This is a beautiful idea, but it won't work, of course, without your support. We will train all guides in July or August, and hope to start no later than September 1 with tours one or two mornings a week, depending on when we get the go-ahead. Details are not yet firm and we welcome ideas, questions and suggestions. Please...

Phone Gretel McLane 734-0804

Also, please call Gretel if you would like to 1) be on the Voters Service Committee to plan election year events, or 2) do telephoning when we need vote-counting volunteers.

And speaking of vote-counting volunteers, my--believe me-- heartfelt thanks to the following League members who got up early and overcame horrendous parking hazards to count HSTA strike votes:

Alva Brantz, Jennie Chernin, Deedee Costello, Frances Dohme, Page Foster, Agnes Gaughan, Juanita Gee, Amanda Hick, Barbara Jacobson, Dee Lum, Pearl Nishimura, Claudia Patil, Adeline Schutz, Edna Shoup, Annette Stinaio, Norma Titcomb, Jan Foster, and Alice Johnson.

My special thanks also to Edna Shoup and Barbara Jacobson who drove from Kailua to tally the Hawaii Federation of College Teachers election votes. We Made $25 for the League and collected it on the spot.

Gretel McLane

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