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From the President (Diane Hastert)
Board Bulletin
Action! (Dee Lum)
Voters Service - Capitol Tours (Gretel McLane)
League Pulse
Fund Raising Is Everybody's Job
For Your Information - New Charter in Effect
GRPP - Where Do We Fit In?
Report from the Hill
Neighborhood Commission - Do You Live in a Neighborhood?
Temporary Commission for Environmental Planning (Judy Blatchford)
Leaguers in the Community
Are You a Ms, Miss or Mrs?
International Relations and Trade
Multinational Corporation and Economic Development (Barbara Fenton)
News from Congressman Spark M. Matsunaga of Hawaii (Barbara Wiebanga)
Welcome to these New Members!
Garbage Bag

Are You a Ms, Miss or Mrs?

Expect a call from the membership committee this month if you have not heard a League voice lately. We are checking information for the membership roster, to be issued in October. Of course it always helps if you inform the office directly when there is a change in your listing. Please also take the time to tell us your interests and what you'd like to contribute in the way of muscle to the League effort this year. Thank you.

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