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GRPP - Where Do We Fit In?

The General Plan Revision Program is in motion, but in need of knowledgeable League members to make the effort a success. It has come to this:

  1. An elaborate and highly technical program for revising the 1964 Oahu General Plan was devised. Citizen involvement is a very important part of this program.

  2. A number of publications explaining the intent of the GPRP were published by the Planning Department and Federal Grants were gained to finance the initial phases of the program.

  3. In order to refine thinking on revision alternatives and to begin the elaborate citizen involvement process a series of workshops were held with about one dozen island-wide organizations (business, civic and professional) involved.

    The League was invited to participate in these, and those of us involved were not satisfied. The intent. was good, but in reality the communication was on both sides: the department didn't know what kind of input they were looking for and the citizens did not know how to respond to the high level and technical data they received.

  4. Now the planning department staff and their consultants have begun a series of regional meetings to help develop and evaluate various alternative proposals; to help to establish community growth priorities. The first of these meetings was held on Kaneohe on the 3rd of July. It was well attended and reflected widespread community concern, but it also reflected a vast need for more general background in planning fundamentals on the part of all citizens.

Dig out the Planning Facts and Issues published in 1972; review the planning background materials and get involved in the regional meetings in your area. The workshops will be informal with ample time to answer questions and for individuals to express their individual concerns. You can get on the mailing list to receive notices and materials for the workshops by calling Bill Bartlett at 546-7662.

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