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Leaguers in the Community

The following is a compilation of League members serving on community boards, commission, advisory committees, etc. It is offered for your interest and information. Please retain it for future reference. Address all corrections and/or additions to Diane Hastert.

Oahu Development Conference, Comprehensive Planning Committee--Pat Shutt

Save Diamond Head Association Advisory Board--Mildred Walston

Conference on the Humanities—Clara Berghoffer

Conference on Alternative Economic Futures for Hawaii--Adeline Schutz, Diane Hastert

Horizon '76 (Hawaii Bicentennial)--Pat Shutt, Edna Shoup, Bev Carter, Dee Lum

Capitol District Advisory Committee--Adeline Schutz

Oahu Transportation Planning Program Advisory Committee--Opal Sloane

Task Force on Sex Discrimination in the Schools--Norma Titcomb

General Plan Revision Program workshop—Diane Hastert, Adeline Schutz

Windward Regional Council, Comprehensive Planning Committee- Carol Whitesell

Citizens for Hawaii Land Use Advisory--Carol Whitesell

Governor's Commission on the Status of Women--Marian Saunders

YWCA Board of Directors--Dee Lum

Dept. of Health, Advisory Committee on Hazardous Chemical Disposal--Judith Blatchford

Minority Task Force on Schools--Susan Thorndike

Waikiki Residents Association, President--Audrey Fox Anderson

Kaiser High School PTA, President--June Ellingsworth

Aina Haina Community Association, President--Norma Carr

Planning Commission, City and County of Honolulu--Fredda Sullam

Reapportionment Commission, City and County of Honolulu--Fran McLeod

State Republican Party Chairman—Carla Coray

AAUW, President--Edie Forsberg

Legislative Coalition, LWV Representative--Evelyn Oishi

Councilwoman, City and County of Honolulu--Mary George

Director, Junior League of Honolulu--Jean Rolles

Haddassah, President—Amelia Copi

Neighborhood Commission--Audrey Fox Anderson

Minority Task Force on Land Use--Carol Whitesell

Roses ladies, and keep us up to date, please.

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