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Neighborhood Commission - Do You Live in a Neighborhood?

WHAT IS IT? It consists of nine members chosen from the city at-large. The Mayor appoints four members; the presiding officer of the City Council, with the approval of the City Council, appoints four members. The ninth member is appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Their term is for five years. They were to be appointed by June 30, 1973 and will elect their own chairman.

ITS OBJECTIVES After public hearings it is to develop a neighborhood plan that will designate the boundaries of neighborhoods and provide procedures by which neighborhoods can form individual neighborhood boards. The Neighborhood Plan is to be developed before December 31, 1974 The Commission has vast power indicated by the fact that the Neighborhood Plan becomes effective upon filing with the City Clerk.

WHAT ABOUT EVALUATING & REVIEWING Under the new Charter the Commission is to continually evaluate and review the effectiveness of the neighborhood plan and of the boards. The Commission also is requested to assist areas of the city in the information and operation of their neighborhoods and boards upon their request.

CAN A FILED PLAN BE AMENDED? YES. The. Neighborhood Plan may be am ended by the Commission, but only after public hearings that are held in various areas of the city. Once again, these amendments become effective upon filing with the underlying broad power of the plan, and points out again the need for a responsible Commission and board members.

WHAT CAN WE, THE CITIZENS, DO? We must encourage public awareness to see that highly responsible people are elected to the positions on the boards. A plan of action must be created that will involve those people who have a tremendous stake in the Community and the neighborhoods. It must include leaders of Youth activities, Church groups, members of the Chambers of Commerce, responsible businessmen and Community leaders. Such a composition should assure a balanced and responsible neighborhood plan.

CHECK & BALANCE (& POSSIBLE FRUSTRATIONS) At first blush the Charter indicates that, although the Commission has great power to develop plans and make them effective by filing with the City Clerk, the City Council or Mayor still hold the purse strings. In other words, adopting plans does not guarantee they will be implemented.


Appointed by the Mayor:

  1. Gene Albana: President of the Oahu Filipino Community Council and Director of the Filipino (C. of C. He is also Manager of International Savings & Loan.

  2. Audrey Fox Anderson: She is an attorney and President of the Waikiki Residents Assoc. She is also a LWV member.

  3. Patricia Lee Fulton: A Kailua part-time teacher.

  4. Katherine K. Kahihikolo: She is the Chairman of the Honolulu Community Action Program Board of Directors & a member of the Palolo Community Council.

  5. Philip Chun: He is subject to Council approval on July 17. he is branch executive of the Kalihi YMCA and is a former teacher and a member of the Kalihi-Palama Community Council.

Appointed by the Council:

  1. Masato Kamisato: A vice President for Marketing at the City Bank of Honolulu.

  2. Walter H. Miller: Public Affairs Coordinator for the estate of James Campbell and State Boxing Commissioner.

  3. John E. S. Kim: An independent businessman and former district Chairman and convention Chairman for the Republican Party.

  4. Harry S. Higa: Of the Y. Higa Enterprises.

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