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From the President (Diane Hastert)
Board Bulletin
Action! (Dee Lum)
Voters Service - Capitol Tours (Gretel McLane)
League Pulse
Fund Raising Is Everybody's Job
For Your Information - New Charter in Effect
GRPP - Where Do We Fit In?
Report from the Hill
Neighborhood Commission - Do You Live in a Neighborhood?
Temporary Commission for Environmental Planning (Judy Blatchford)
Leaguers in the Community
Are You a Ms, Miss or Mrs?
International Relations and Trade
Multinational Corporation and Economic Development (Barbara Fenton)
News from Congressman Spark M. Matsunaga of Hawaii (Barbara Wiebanga)
Welcome to these New Members!
Garbage Bag

From the President

As this issue of the Voter takes shape it becomes clear that the theme is ACTION, what is happening and what needs to happen. Highlighting some of the vital articles you'll find inside let me call your attention to:




These articles are really extensions of years of hard work on all our parts, and begin a new phase in our efforts to increase citizen participation in public affair's:: Pull and Save the information sheet an Neighborhood Commissions. It's time to gear our minds to note every item-in the press on this topic and be preparing ourselves for an all out effort to help this experiment be successful. If there has ever been a time when success of an idea depended on public input this is it. I hope Leaguers will be first in line with ideas. To help stimulate and inform, the first round of units in September will focus on the Neighborhood Commission -- what is it, who is on it, what will it hope to accomplish, what is our part to be?

Please add these names to your list of Officers and Directors from the June/July Voter:

Directors: Transportation - Dee Lum (Mrs. K.Y.) 949-6716

Off-Board Positions: Neighborhood Commission - Fay Hill (Mrs. Bernard) 395-9731

Diamond Head - Mildred Walston (Mrs. Joseph) 941-2938

Joint Fund Raising Advisory Committee Karen Hemmeter (Mrs. Christopher) 732-3425

EQ Water - Jean Roberts (Mrs. Burton) 922-3736

State League Committee Chairman Schools - Peggy Chun (Mrs. Elroy) 732-1281

The calendar for 1973-1974 is finalized and will appear in its entirety in the August Voter. The prospects are exciting--good meetings with a variety of topics, an earnest attempt to relate problems and materials to prime member interests, a balance between national, state and local concerns, and most importantly it reflects a Board goal to involve each of you in a way that is stimulating and satisfying.

We feel fortunate to have received a bequest of $400 from the estate of an ex-Leaguer, Sue Wilson Thomas, who' remembered her League days kindly. This will not be put into general funds but earmarked for a specific project, subject to Board Approval.


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