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Temporary Commission for Environmental Planning By Don Dumlao.

FIRST --WHAT IS IT? It is a commission appointed by Governor Burns, at the recommendation of the State Environmental Council with the concurrence of both the State Senate & House of Representatives to develop a "Comprehensive State Environmental Policy" aimed at guiding the future growth of Hawaii.

SECOND—WHY IS IT TEMPORARY? To insure that policy recommendations would be made by November 1, 1973 in time for legislative action in 1974.

THIRD—WHY CAN THIS COMMISSION SUCCEED WHERE OTHERS HAVE FAILED? apart from the fact that the problem has become more acute, concern and interest is greater, the legislature is seeking growth direction.

As a member of the Environmental Council which created this Commission, and as its first critic, I feel it is very important that

everyone understand the importance of this Commission and its potential. It can, as many cynics would suggest, produce nothing and become a useless effort like many well intentioned Commissions which preceded it; or it can be a major step for Hawaii getting a hand in solving its chaotic growth pattern by establishing the nation's first Statewide Environmental Growth Policy and hopefully a strategy for implementation.

* * *

The Temporary Commission on Environmental Planning will publish a preliminary report of its work about August 15. This will consist of proposed goals, policies, and strategies which the Commission will recommend to the Governor and the Legislature concerning: 1) Conservation of Natural Resources and Energy; 2)Population; 3) Economic Opportunities; 4)Land Use; 5) Transportation; 6) Community Environments; 7)The Individual. During September public meetings will be held through the State to discuss these recommendations. During October the report will be revised in light of citizens' comments and it will be presented to the Governor about November 1. The intention is to propose legislation enacting these recommended policies into law as guidelines for State and County actions. This is a major attempt to bring the State and Counties together in the planning process, and to set up guidelines reflecting the environmental interrelatedness of the actions of all State and County agencies.

Many LWV positions are involved in the areas discussed by this Commission, so watch the press for more detailed coverage.

Judy Blatchford

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