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From the President

This issue of the Voter is devoted largely to a lengthy report on Barbara Wiebanga's recent trip to Washington, D.C. for the LWV briefing on international trade issues. These issues are especially vital to Hawaii, and the notes herein should bring the upcoming trade issues into perspective. Also reprinted for your review is a revised statement of the LWV position on trade issues; The Oct. 1 Voter will contain further observations from Barbara on the potential for lobbying and action in the trade areas.

This month the membership committee will be making calls to each member to assess each member's interest in committee work, etc. Please try to estimate your own time, capabilities and try something new--perhaps speaker's bureau isn't something you've tried, but it just might be an exciting now field to try.

We have had to postpone the training sessions for the Capitol Tour guides, but I assure you that progress is being made and the tours will begin as soon as possible.

The September units will be very stimulating. I encourage you to carefully go over the preview of these units, to be better prepared to discuss the issues concerning the Neighborhood Commissions. The first information about the N.C. appeared in the 1 August Voter. The program throughout the year is designed to bring forth issues you have expressed interest and concern in, and to encourage Unit autonomy. Through unit autonomy we hope to localize issues and develop a broader leadership base.

You have received in the mai1 a special note about a major finance project to be undertaken this year. We are experimenting. This is a departure from past projects, but has enormous potential both monetarily and as an an annual event to fulfill our budget commitments. Return the tear off sheet promptly and Edna and Lottie will be able to plan well in advance.

Lastly, join us for a timely discussion on the effects of Watergate on the Presidency by Stuart Gerry Brown of the American Studies Department of the University. This luncheon is sponsored by Island Federal Savings and Loan; the price of the tickets is pure profit for the League. This is part of an Island Federal interest in helping community organizations with their fund raising projects. See you all on the 1lth.


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