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Update - Neighborhood Commission

To date, the latest development with the Neighborhood Commission is that they, the nine new members, have been sworn into office. As of yet, they have not had a meeting or elected their chairman and speaker. Until they do this, they are not giving any interviews.

We have been speaking with members of the Charter Commission and other people interested in the Neighborhood boards to get a broader understanding of how things stand.

FOR THE SEPTEMBER UNITS, we will be doing a survey to see how our ideas agree and how they vary on the subject of the boards and their functions. The purpose of this meeting is to:

  1. prepare members to act as units and as individuals in their neighborhoods.

  2. WV is in favor of public input, and these boards offer this type of opportunity when they go into effect.

  3. Possibility of a Conference to help community leaders develop input for Neighborhood board hearings.

Be giving some thought beforehand to some of our discussion questions:

  1. Do you want this opportunity for public input?

  2. What results do you foresee from" the Neighborhood Commission's efforts?

  3. Discussion of the roadblocks and possible pitfalls.

Remember the Neighborhood Commission and its plan are a newly organized project so it's a good time to get in on the ground level of a new topic.

Fay Hill

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