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Action Alley

Both local and state presidents have joined you in responding to the call for ACTION on the D. C. homerule legislation.

All of us are urged to urge Senate support for full funding of education and OEO programs in HR 8877; plus urging congressional override if this is vetoed!

Letters were sent to the congressional delegation but your individual letter will help assure funding for the program items the League has supported for so long.

Call Dee Lum- 949-6716, for more specific information. Or read the REPORT FROM THE HILL in the League office. Or SUBSCRIBE to the League Action Service. It is $7.50 per session.

Local and State leaders have also worked on planning, citizen participation in gov't, housing, campaign disclosure, land use, schools' and EQ. Letters to community leaders asking for participation in brain-storming meetings about Neighborhood Commission (aim is public information and eventually a conference, and participated in KORL programs on the varied topics mentioned above.

Read the synopsis of these actions, And "tune in" and contribute to our aims, and methods of operation at the October units. Your knowledge and input is necessary.

Have you been eating lately? (Despite the cost!) Well, then we hope that you have been saving your Betty Crocker Coupons, your Gift Star coupons and getting the blue Gold Bond Project cards punched as you shop.

BE SURE TO BRING THESE TO THE MEETING, OR MAIL TO OFFICE! We are working on our second item from the Gold Bond project and do need your help to accumulate sufficient coupons for our Betty Crocker earned equipment.

Call Helen Tamashiro, our new B.C. lady with offers of help or suggestions of community supporters. Fani Mar is our GB contact.

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