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A digest of Congressional activity of LWV interest.

Alaska Pipeline and NEPA - a further report on the background of the issue. Within a year after passage of BEPA it became clear that it was one of the most important environmental laws. Title I of NEPA requires all federal agencies to submit detailed statements on the environmental impact of proposed legislation and major federal actions. Once it became clear that NEPA could be a powerful weapon for protecting the environment, efforts got under way to weaken it and that's where the Alaska pipeline came in. The Senate vote on the Gravel (D AK) amendment to bar further court review was 49 to 48, with the Vice President, casting the tie-breaking vote.

Housing. The League filed a statement with the Senate Subcommittee on Housing and Urban Affairs, which is summarized on HR 2 & HR 3. Full copies may be ordered from LWVUS Pub. No. 376, Price - 20¢.* We are supporting the "Housing Act of 1973" - S 2182 with some recommended changes and the "Community Development Assistance Act of 1973" - S 1744, rather than the Administration's "Better Communities Act" S 1743. We will continue work for full funding of housing and community development programs. *Date: August 15.

Indian Legislation. The League submitted a statement on the Menominee Restoration Act - HR 7421, which is summarized on HR 4. The "Indian Financing Act of 1973" — S 1341 — passed the Senate July 28. It establishes a revolving fund to stimulate Indian economic development and provide loans for education.

The Politics of Trade. It is important for Leagues to continue work in their states and communities to build information on trade and multinational impact in their areas. Your Congressmen and the LWVUS (and its coalition coworkers) will need every bit of factual information that can .be gleaned.

As Congress recessed, the House Ways and Means Committee had reached tentative agreement on two of the seven titles of HR 6767 - trade negotiating authority and import relief. Much work remains to be done before the bill can be reported. Reps. Ullman (D OR) and Schneebeli (R PA), ranking Democratic and Republican Committee members, issued a statement intended to reassure those anxiously awaiting a trade bill that the committee is optimistic it will be able to complete its work "within a few weeks" after Congress reconvenes.

Development Assistance. The House passed the "Mutual Development and Cooperation Act of 1973" - HR 9360 by a bare 5-vote margin, after deleting the newly proposed Export Credit Development Fund for the least-developed countries. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee reported a Similar bill - S 2335, but then it was sent to the Finance Committee for a review of the Export Credit Development Fund.

United Nations. The dollar devaluation is making the UN financial condition more precarious than usual. A special-series of hearings on multinationals begins on September 4. You may wish to send observers.

Campaign Finance. S 372 to limit campaign, contributions and spending has passed the Senate and been referred to the House Administration Committee whose Chairman, Wayne Hays (D OH) is considered to be a major roadblock.

Until agreement is reached, the LWVUS cannot take a position on S 372 or similar bills. The "Campaign Finance" VOTER will be sent to all Congressmen and Senators - FYI basis.

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