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From the President

We're on our way! I'll try not to have this a consistently long column if you will try to read it carefully, because I feel strongly that each member should be on top of all League activities as much as possible, and will keep you up to date through this column. Exciting new things are happening and I want to share my enthusiasm with you.

Neighborhood Commission action will be with us throughout this year. As we have continually worked for increased citizen opportunities to influence policy in government we cannot afford to let this effort fail. I'm gravely concerned at the seeming lack of interest in this Commission, especially since this is a plan which has giant possibilities for individuals to act. Apathy is both startling and frustrating, and I have had a meeting with several community leaders including Len Moffat from the Windward Regional Council in hopes of developing in concert a full scale program aimed at increasing knowledge and involvement. Much will depend on Leaguers--if you've read the Voter and attended the units you are among the best informed people on Oahu concerning N.C. Speak up ladies, talk with your neighbors, contact your community association, ask how many were at the first N.C. meeting on 12 Sept., write letters to the commission telling them of your interest any priorities for your-area. Our representative at this first meeting will be Ruth Snyder. Prior to that a letter was sent to temporary chairman Philip Chun encouraging the group to hold all their meetings in public, and with full announcements of times, locations and schedules. Fay Hill, Honolulu Board chairman for N.C. could use some help. Call her at 395-9731.

The Island Federal-sponsored luncheon with Dr. Stuart Gerry Brown on 11 Sept. was a huge success, both in ideas exchanged and monetarily. Dr. Brown spoke on "Some Thoughts on the Presidency--After Watergate". He was timely, thought-provoking and entertaining, and we're grateful to him for appearing. The text of his speech is included herewith for those who missed him. luncheon added $275 to our treasury for community education programs.

The new answering service in the office, an anonymous donation from a concerned Leaguer, is to be used by members as well as the public for questions, comments, complaints, suggestions, requests for information, etc. In the not too distant future we hope to advertise that we will answer or help citizens find answers to their public affairs questions thus increasing the spread of information and the League's good name.


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