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Revenue Sharing

General Revenue Sharing are those monies from the U.S. General funds re turned to the State and local gov'ts under Public law 92-512. The state gets 1/3 and local gov't gets 2/3 of amount sent quarterly over a five year period.

Pros: Local citizens will be about to "watchdog" and spend spend in a way best suited to their community. As an alternative to centralization of power, local officials have decision- making ability.

Cons: Promotes fiscal irresponsibility because Congress cannot control spending of the funds they raise. More taxes may be needed for this "giveaway". Method of distribution is a disadvantage to the states with no income tax.

June 16, 1973 - the local papers carried the required Planned Use Report showing that all funds for Jan. 1, 1973 through June 30, 1973"($4,404,616) were allocated for the reduction of debt service costs." - selected because of the relatively short 5-year funding period of the Act and the State's major concern to not overexpand present governmental programs through use of the entitlement funds."

During the fiscal year July 1, 1973 to June 30, 1974 the state will receive $9,026,950.

Look for notices of expenditures in the paper. The state can use these monies for any lawful purpose except to match federally supported programs.

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