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It has recently been reported that Rep. Wilbur Mills is back at the helm of the Ways and Means Committee however, the prediction is that the Trade Reform Bill will not be out before Oct. 1, 1973. Hopefully, it will be passed by both House and Senate by the first of the year. LWVUS will call for lobbying and action as soon as the bill is reported. Then it will be time to write our Congressmen and to briefly state your support of the liberal Trade Reform Bill. If you want ACTION you must affect legislative impact. Having talked with our Congressmen, I do know that they all favor a generalized liberal trade policy for our country, they are well aware of the uniqueness of Hawaii and its trade problems, and that they do want to hear from YOU. Some worthwhile quotes: Chairman Henry Ford II-- Ford Motor Co.-- the Burke-Hartke Bill "would destroy the whole fabric of international trade and investment"... Harvard economist Thomas C. Schelling has observed "aside from war and preparations for war, and occasionally aside from migration, trade is the most important relationship that most countries have with each other... trade is what most international relations are about. For that reason trade policy is national security policy"... Henry A. Kissinger said recently trade negotiations "must engage the top political leaders for they require above all a commitment of political will." These amount to a strong call for the passage of the Trade Reform Act of 1973 and a strong call to US to express OUR will so that it will become THE POLITICAL WILL.

Barbara Wiebanga

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