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What is it?

Where do I fit in?

Come to the first round of units in October and discuss this part of the League.

And contact our publication lady now for information on the League. Action Service. For $7.50 per congressional session you can keep abreast of the national program items, where they are in congress and first hand info on how you can support, or urge defeat of legislation in Washington.

Contact Betty Buck, 988-4497, after 3:00 pm.



CAMPAIGN FINANCE is the subject of the last units in October and the first units in November. The November units will be for CONSENSUS.

This study was initiated last spring at the League National Council in Wash. D.C. because of the need for the League to have a consensus in order to lobby on the current legislation that has been and will be introduced in Congress. A flurry of bills are being considered in Washington because of the Watergate scandal and we need a position!

The Hawaii League is fortunate to have already made a study of campaign financing at the state level a few years back. You members who were with us then will probably remember many of the salient points. Please dig back in your closets and retrieve your copies of FACTS AND ISSUES:...Campaign Controls, Sept, 1971 and FACTS AND ISSUES... Campaign Finance, Nov. 1968. You may also have a copy of the National League publication FACTS AND ISSUES ...CAMPAIGN SPENDING: The Great American Treasure Hunt, April 1972.

With this issue of the ALOHA VOTER is included a copy of the National Voter. It is being sent to you specially this month to insure that our Hawaii membership gets a copy in time. When your regular copy arrives in the mail please bring it to a unit meeting or get it to the office so that we can use it for either selling or free distribution to non-League organizations and individuals.

We will also talk a little about Hawaii's new campaign finance law, Act 185, which goes into effect January 1, 1974. The HAWAII LEAGUE'S CONSENSUS as updated in 1972 reads:

Contributions as well as expenditures should be covered by the law. Disclosure should be made before elections with a cut-off date for receipt of contributions before the election. The law

PLEASE, PLEASE, read and BRING to the unit meetings the AUGUST/SEPT. issue of the National VOTER. In it you will find a concise summary of some of the problem and possible solutions to these problems. The: June/July National VOTER has background you can use also.


Marian Wilkins
Chairman, Campaign Finance Com.

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