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Action Units

Action units the first of last month got everyone thinking about her role as citizen and as a Leaguer. We talked about some of the ways that we can act-- as citizens and as Leaguers.

We think we see ourselves as a part of action in some of these areas:

Distributing leaflets

Talking to friends

Tapping our political contacts




Using the press, radio & TV

Writing letters

Taking surveys

Using petitions

Conducting legislative interviews

Using litigation



Art work


Babysitting for active Leaguers!

Speakers bureau

Drafting legislation

Educating ourselves and speaking up and in that vein the importance to us of attending League workshops and community seminars cannot be stressed too much. See you Nov. 1!

And take along a less experienced member as you do your ACTION.

As continuing action on action we need more feedback on priorities. Keep your Board posted.

My thanks to Jan Arensdorf and Pat Shutt,

Dee Lum

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