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Action Alley


Trade legislation is moving. See the update elsewhere in this issue and keep abreast so you can support the League's position with our Congressmen.


Learn to Lobby will be a good learning resource for future action. See you Nov. 1.


Letters have been sent to various parties interested in the neighborhood commission concept asking for an organizational meeting possibly leading to a coalition.

A letter was sent to Mr. Nakasone, chairman of the C/C reapportionment committee, urging that the new districting be done in accordance with the Charter specifications. Members are urged to study the district plans--which we hope will be featured in the newspaper, and attend the hearings nearest them--all at 7 PM,

Nov. 7 King Intermediate
Nov. 14 Waipahu High School
Nov. 15 Washington Intermediate

Rights of Privacy samples have been sent to the media.

Suggestions for Action publications from National have been sent to many community organizations.

A pamphlet on the ERA bracelet has been sent to the ACLU.

Thank-yous were extended to Mrs. Mink for the mailing on H.R. 9682. (See Your Sept. Voter/Time for Action.)

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