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International Relations - Trade

United Nations Development Programme United Nations Publication...

What it is...

In 1965 the United Nations took steps to coordinate the planning, and broaden the scope of its assistance to the low-income countries. fly the passage of a resolution known as "Mobilizing for Progress", two operations--the Expanded Program of Technical Assistance and the Special Fund were merged into the United. Nations Development Program, (UNDP) The UNDP assists low income countries in making more fully productive their potentially vast but greatly under-utilized wealth of human and natural resources.

What it does....

The UNDP assists the governments of low income countries by doing surveys and studies to utilize the natural resources; trains large numbers of the people; builds up research centers for new techniques in industry, agriculture, and other fields. It also supplies consultant and training services and convenes meetings for the exchange of ideas and information.

How it is financed...

The UNDP is financed by voluntary contributions of governments belonging to the United Nations. Contributions are pooled for allocation according to the global needs of the UNDP. Money is allocated to the specialized agency which assumes the responsibility for implementing the project and following its progress.

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