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Action Alley

Several members spoke as individuals at the Reapportionment Hearings. GREAT! That is action at its finest. Claudia Patil was our League spokeswoman, urging the commission to retain community feeling in their boundary decisions. The Commission is now digesting all hearing materials and will be filing the final proposals on or before January 2.

Our publications are being continually sent to leaders in the community for their attention. If you know of a group which should be alerted to LWV information do call Betty Buck or Diane Hastert.

Jean Roberts' name was submitted in nomination for the Water Resources Regional Study Advisory Committee. We await word.

We also wait for the Corporation Council's decision on the status of the Neighborhood Commission.

In the meantime we will be submitting testimony on the sewer charges and regarding the General Plan Development amendment procedures.

Dialogue between our solid waste lady and the Coca Cola people was in formative for both and a good step toward understanding of the many sides of the so3lid waste problem.

Watch for the January Program Planning Workshop info. We are corresponding with Mr. Hall from the Diamond Head area and may incorporate his desire to present his group thinking at that time. A new approach to the traditional member-to-board program route.

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