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Board Bulletin

The Honolulu Board of Directors discussed and took action on the following items at its regular meeting on October 18:

***Adopted guidelines regarding the Joint Finance Committee, designating it as a standing committee to propose, implement, and coordinate all fund-raising projects for the State and Honolulu Leagues.

***Set a fee structure for vote counting of $2 an hour per League with a minimum charge of $25.

***Changed the League Calendar to have a panel on the election process in December and units on legislative preview in January,

Publications Chairman, Betty Buck, announced that leaders of community organizations have been sent an annotated action list and order blank for LWV publications which could assist them in community leadership.

Finance Chairman Edna Shoup reported that letters have been sent to a selected list of past contributors in a mini-solicitation for contributions,

The December Board meeting will be on Thursday, December 130 9:15 AM, at the AAUW Clubhouse.

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