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What Does it Really Take to Be Elected?
From the President (Diane Hastert)
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From the President

After six months in office it seems a good time for a mini-state of the League message.

In program areas action has been taken on nearly every national, state and local position via testifying, letter, telegrams, observing, in-person contacts. Contacts have been made with other organizations interested in like topics, League members are serving on a variety of community advisory committees related to their field of interest. (See August Voter) Publications are in the final preparation stages. Study is continuing in several areas including the best manner to maximize public interest in the Neighborhood Commission. Campaign Finance Consensus has been accomplished in record time; this will give new fuel for us to lobby for increasingly effective campaign finance controls. A grant has been received from national for Solid Waste Management Training. We've answered Time for Actions on representative government, trade and solid waste. We've been in consistent contact with our elected representatives in Washington. New people getting into these program areas are the life-blood of the League. Both small and large amounts of time contributed are valuable; if you have an interest, explore it. Being involved makes you a more interesting person.

Administratively we have striven for increased efficiency in board reporting, Voter preparation, action response, membership as a "Talent bureau", wide distribution of publications and in increasing the scope of League's public image. We've waded through the growing, pains of restructuring our manner of financial support, and I sincerely hope that by this time next year we'll have a clear idea of the most efficient use of time and resources in order to minimize time spent and maximize our return.

To the future: December and January are exciting. The Voter Service panel discussion on "What It Really Takes to Be Elected" described "in the accompanying flyer gives you a peek at the thrilling 1974 election year. Do a little Ala Moana Christmas shopping (with your husband?) and wish your colleagues Merry Christmas. January will include Legislative Preview, and a new approach to Program Planning, winding up with focus on International Relations.

Program Planning needs YOU. It doesn't have to be dull. Issues aren't- people aren't. Some of the possibilities are discussed in this issue under "The Most Boring Meeting Ever".

Best of all there is much activity. We've learned from our mistakes. Involvement has been expanded, and we have much to look forward to in the coming year. My heartfelt thanks to all of you for your continuing support.

Merry Christmas!
Diane Hastert

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