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Summary of Memo from Lucy Wilson Benson, National President - 10/24/73

In the past few days, we have received many phone calls and letters from League leaders and members concerning the developments in the Watergate case. They all have a common theme: "What can we do?"

As you know, the League does not have a position on the specific issues involved: whether there are grounds for impeachment or the extent of executive privilege, for example. However, we do have a commitment to the orderly processes of government and to the legal and moral principles upon which this government is founded.

The League purpose and principles call for encouraging active citizen participation on government, and if ever there was a time when citizen participation and concern are needed it is now.

You are leaders in your community--individuals whose opinions may and are being sought on the stunning sequence of events now being played out in Washington. While none of us may speak in the name of the League, we can express our thoughts on what is happening.

There's no denying the fact that partisan politics are involved in some recent developments. However, the basic issues transcend parties and individuals and involve form and structure, and processes of our government. The decision to comply with the Court of Appeals order to release the tapes to Judge Sirica has, it appears, put a brake on the rush of events. It has not, however, ended the controversy or resolved some of the fundamental questions involved.

I'm sure I don't have to remind you of the gravity of these questions and their impact on the future of this country. This is obviously not an occasion for flamboyant statements or instant reaction--it is a time for thoughtful and constructive views on matters such as the dangers of excessive secrecy in government, the role of the courts and law in the conduct of our affairs, and the constitutionally established system Of checks and balances which determines the role of the three branches of government.

Lucy Wilson Benson

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