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Whatever Happened to the Capitol Guide Service?

We received two letters last month: one from State Comptroller KeNam Kim stating that he was denying our request to initiate a guide service at the Capitol because to charge a fee "is just not in keeping with our spirit of Aloha," and the second letter from State Director of the Office of Information and Youth Affairs, Jack Kellner, stating that Mr. Kim had had to deny our request on advice from the Attorney General's office.

Our poll on the proposal, sent to all 76 legislators, was answered by 35 legislators: 14 supported the idea wholeheartedly, 14 supported it with reservations, 4 were against it, and 3 had no opinion. We never received any direct response from the leadership of the House or Senate; I made a phone call to Senate President McClung's office to check on the progress of our proposal and was told by his staff member, Mrs. Chung that Senator McClung and Speaker Beppu found it improper to charge a fee and so were against the proposal. This was confirmed at a subsequent meeting of Mrs. Hastert and me with Mrs. Chung, Mr. Mark of the Speaker's office and Mr. Kellner.

Sooo, it would seem that there's nothing left to do but say a grateful "thank you" to the 130 League members who had generously agreed to volunteer their time to serve as Capitol guides. Thanks, my friends, and I'm sorry it didn't work out.

Gretel McLane

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