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Action Alley

Like the local League our state has been busy this fall. They have responded to the State Ethics Commission's request to review the guidelines for campaign spending. They have also submitted LWV program goals to the State House and Senate majority and minority committees.

Testimony has been given on the Board of Education Reapportionment and at an "in House seminar" at the capitol using League info on the housing situation. Plus land use response to the Land Use Commission's plans for zoning changes. Copies of these statements are available in the office.

The speakers bureau has been active "spreading the LWV word" before the Kiwanis, BPW, civic classes at Hawaii Baptist Academy and -before the Rotary.

League interviews have been done by all local Leagues.

Letters to the press on solid waste, campaign spending guidelines and D.C. homerule have been sent.

If you have suggestions for our state chairman, or President, do come forth. Now that the session is about to start they will appreciate any offers to attend hearings, get bills from the print shop, and many other ways to be of assistance in the action. See your roster for their phone numbers!

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