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From the President

Happy New Year LWV year. LWV year will begin at a charging pace guaranteed to stimulate. Our first units will provide a preview of the legislature with the extra advantage of an experiment with unit in a forum. Honolulu A.M. will meet at. Hawaii School for Girls--I hope the exchange of ideas will benefit members and students alike. We'd of course, like many of these students to become members. <

Program Planning Workshop will be held in late January, and the second round of units will be International Relations. Barbara Wiebenga's role playing I.R. game has met considerable success. I encourage each of you to participate.

Please note a summary of the Native Hawaiian Lands Claim issue on the bulletin board. While this isn't officially a LWV issue, it is of concern to everyone in Hawaii.

Hope to see you all at units.

Diane Hastert

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