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Pizza Parties for February

By this time each Leaguer will have received a letter and 20 tickets to sell. These tickets are redeemable at any SHAKEY'S PIZZA PARLOR and will give the purchaser $1.00 off on any family sized pizza. Only one 500 ticket can be used on a family sized pizza. The League will keep the collect from each ticket sold. If each Leaguer will sell the 20 tickets we will make $2000.00 which will help solve our finance problems for this year. We hope you will sell more than these 20 tickets if .you can. The finance committee feels this is a very good opportunity to make money with no big investment. Be sure and call for more tickets when your 20 are gone. Contact Edna Shoup--239-989 or call the League office. This sale may go on until the end of March but please make the greatest effort to sell during the month of February and send in an account to the office the first week in March.

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