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From the President

Among those issues foremost on our minds are shortages--gas, paper and whatever others may occur--and how they will affect our lives. It is apparent that we have had wasteful consumerism for too long and that the time for reevaluation of our life styles is at hand.

Does this mean, as some think, that we are witnessing the beginning of a dark, downward spiral in our living standards? I think not. It seems more a maturing process, hopefully leading to a condition where we live within our earth's means. Less doesn't need to mean worse; but less consumption does mean new challenges to our intelligence and ingenuity.

The League's part in helping the nation through these complicated times seems clear. We have always been in the mainstream with new ideas, and most importantly, with the dissemination of those ideas through lobbying and continuous efforts in public education. There has never been a time in democratic history when citizens could relax and neglect the cares of their country; never has there been a time when we have been needed more.

Communicate your concerns and ideas to lawmakers. Controversial issues abound—impeachment, the energy crisis„ unemployment and inflation, housing, environmental-.. pollution--and the direction their solutions take is directly related to the amount of public pressure brought to bear on lawmakers throughout the country. If your neighbor writes her congressman while you don't then her opinion is weighted. Do you always agree? Are you willing to let others decide the future direction of this country? We can ill afford not to find the time.

Diane Hastert

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