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Are Your Dues Due April 1?

Yes, if your name is entered here __________________

You can contribute a saving of 10¢ and the treasurer's time if you'll consider this notice your bill and promptly mail your dues and this form to the LW office, 1802 Keeaumoku St., Honolulu 96822. (Make checks payable to LWV of Honolulu.)

Members voted at the 1973 Annual Meeting to raise the Honolulu League dues from $10 to $12 annually. As you know, the League budget must also rely on contributions from League members. Please consider adding a contribution to your check for dues.

Thank you.




I would like my mail addressed as follows:

Miss Mrs. Ms. Mr.


I will be attending the checked unit:

Tuesday morning Kailua
Tuesday evening Honolulu
Wednesday morning Hawaii Kai
Wednesday evening Kaneohe
Thursday morning Honolulu

I do not attend units now, but would attend if one were held: (Time and place)

I would like to join a committee: (Preference checked below)

Voters Service - Editorial - Planning - Transportation

Observer Corps - Public Relations - Land Use - Environmental Quality

Lobbying Corps - Finance - Housing - Campaign Finance

Speakers Bureau - Membership - Ethics - State Gov't Fin,

Action - Office Staff - Schools - Internatl Relat.


Enclosed with the Voter is this synopsis of the proposed rapid transit system prepared by Mary Pickett. At our units we will be referring to this information, but we will be talking about a lot more things, too.

We hope that you will give thought to how you view the growth and development, land use and housing needs and the transportation situation for Oahu for the years 1980, 2000 and 2020.

Does that sound far away? Remember that someone who is 10 years old today will be 70 in the year 2034 - and that is the average life span at today's rate! Can you plan for their transportation needs? Will they travel by air, water or land?

Transportation / Land Use


What will make you leave the car behind?

Where can buses, ferries and jitneys be used to get you to work or store?

How will we pay for transportation?

Review your housing and land use info.

Read your newspaper and other info and join us:

Betty Kernahan, Margaret Yound, Mary Pickett, Opal Sloane, Dee Lum, and Adeline Schutz, our consultant!

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