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League of Women Voters of Honolulu -
Proposed Budget -April 1, 1974 thru March 31, 1975

This year the Budget committee are proposing some new items and increased expenditures in some other areas. Rent and telephone have gone up from last year. Paper and postage costs also. Under section B-#3-c is Unit Organization. We are proposing an increase in this amount so that at least one unit on each side of town will provide child care services during unit meetings and General Meetings when needed. In the past we have learned that too often the Unit chairman or someone else has been picking up the tab for a sitter when there weren't enough children to pay the fee. This we wish to avoid in the future, thus we are asking for enough money to pick up the tab when it is necessary, Also we propose to have money in the budget for any unit expense that might be incurred in other areas. Also under B is item #4 CHILD CARE. Here again too many of our members are giving time to League and then having lots of out of pocket expense in sitter service hope to meet every member at least half-way if not entirely in providing funds for sitter service when one is on League business.

Under #C Item 2. This is the year of National Convention. We are entitled to two delegates plus the President. Convention will be in San Francisco. This is a working convention and not a fun-and-games meeting. The Budget: committee proposes full funding for the President to attend and enough for either another delegate or funds to be prorated among various League members who might be going to San Francisco anyway and would be willing to attend Convention while there. How the additional money ($460.00) would be allocated, would be a decision of the Board.

This is the year for our publication of the City Planning booklet - Citizen's Guide. Money has been in Reserve funds for this purpose. This is also the year for Voters Service so money has been allocated (from Reserves) for the CANDIDATES FAIR. Also we are looking forward to publishing a little booklet "A walking Tour of the Capitol". This is an outgrowth of the committee's work for a guided tour of the Capitol for which we were unable to get permission to conduct.

Dues will be $12.00 per year after April 1, 1974 as voted upon at the Annual Meeting in 1973. At least $4.00 and perhaps $4.75 (to be voted on at National Convention)is our National Assessment per capita. This will leave in the local treasury $7.25. We hope this will make you realize how important it is to raise money from our own members and from the community.

Budget Committee:

Betsy Tan, Chairman

Barbara Owen

Diane Hastert

Ruth C. Snyder

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