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Eco-Push Conference

The recent two-day water symposium was well--attended by League members. Betty Piper, Judy Blatchford, Adeline Schutz; Jean Roberts and Carol Whitesell Carol was one of the chairman for the session and, did a splendid job of introductions and fielding of questions.

Pearl Harbor region was the subject of the discussions this time. There has been a lowering of the fresh water level in this area in the past 60 years, due to complex reasons. While there is no anticipated shortage of water on Oahu for the immediate future if care is used and population does not mushroom too rapidly locking ahead 50 years, additional supplies might be needed.

Research into recycling of water shows encouraging signs. Several golf courses are now using recycled waste water and some sugar companies on a limited basis. One sugar company is in the process of converting to overhead sprinklers which conserve water, but a31 oven newer concept of drip irrigation is being tested and looks very promising.

Army and Navy are doing much to control water pollution in the matter 02 sewage disposal, Navy has made some extensive environmental studies of Pearl harbor and established a monitoring system. Ships still are discharging their toilet and galley wastes in the harbor, but new ships are required to have holding tanks and older one: eventually be converted.

There is still a great deal of siltation in the East Loch and West Loch, A machine dubbed the “Juicy Ludy" is used for dredging this Buck, Presence of higher than normal amounts of zinc indicates there are still industrial wastes being discharged.

Both sides of a controversial subject were presented by Kazunisa Abe who represents the liberal view and Masaju Marumoto the conservative. In a recent State Supreme Court decision on surface runoff Justice Abe took the majority position that the Kings in Hawaii in granting rights to landowners in various watersheds; allowed them only the water they needed for farming and the rest belonged to the State. Abe's concept being that water, air and light belong to the people. The greatest good for the greatest number".

Because of this decision the State of Hawaii was declared the owner of water that for years has been used by sugar growers as their own:

Justice Muramoto's minority opinion took the opposite view saying, the fact that someone owned the property, he also owned the surface water on that land and could sell any excess water or transport it to other areas. This case may be appealed in the U.S. Supreme Court.

The development and encroachment on flood plains was a topic at the meeting. A. flood dam below Likelike tunnel is in the planning stages. This would create a lake; and park and recreation area has been proposed for the surrounding area. This would be a e13.5 million project scheduled to begin in 1975. 55 M Federal funds and 45 M local.

The Princess Kaiulani Hotel, where the meeting took place uses an average of 100,000 gallons of water per day. An estimated 10,000,000 gallons per day is used in Waikiki.

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