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Board Bulletin
Get Set! for Annual Meeting
Report of the Nominating Committee
Garbage Bag
League Pulse
Action Alley
Mini Solicitation (Edna Shoup)
Voter Registration
Voter Service Reports on the Meet-the-Candidates Fair
Statement of Position on Campaign Financing
Leaguers Appointed
Eco-Push Conference
International Relations and Trade
LWV of Honolulu - Proposed Budget - 4/1/74 thru 3/31/75
Are Your Dues Due April 1?
Transportation - Proposed Rapid Transit System (Mary Pickett)

Get Set! for Annual Meeting

Proposed Local Program 1974-75

I, Action to encourage the informed and active participation of all citizens in government and politics< The action will be in keeping with the League purpose and positions reached under planning, schools, land use, housing, and charter. This includes close attention to the neighborhood commission and transportation under air quality

II. Planning: Continued study of the planning process at the county level focusing on county-state interrelations, organization, capital budgeting, zoning9 the General Plan and the General Plan Revision Program.

III. Non-recommended items:

Diamond Head



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