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Letter to the Mayor Re: Neighbordood Commissions

March l, 1974

Dear Mayor Fasi,

The League of Women Voters of Honolulu has been monitoring the activities of the Neighborhood Commission with increasing dismay since public ratification of the revised Charter in November 1972, We held high hopes that this experiment would result in citizens feeling a closer relationship to the county government structure. The delay of appointments and swearing in of commissioners was unfortunate. The ensuing delay awaiting briefing by Council Chairman Koga appeared to further impinge on the potential success of this experiment. Several months' further interruption- have occurred due to Councilman Akahane's request. for Corporation Counsel opinion an Commission legality.

Since the November 1972 mandate, 15 months' timer this group has held a total of seven meetings two of which were adjourned due to lack of quorum. These meetings have taken place in virtual privacy due to apparent lack of a formal public announcement and information procedure. As the group has not yet achieved a permanent chairman, it seems clear that they have yet to get to the heart of the task they were intended by the Charter Commission to accomplish.

Unless considerable public pressure is brought to bear, and the City Council and your own office act confidently to encourage and aid serious deliberations there is little chance of the Commission's meeting the December 1974- deadline for plan filing. The enormous amount of research and public hearing that must precede plan formation will require many months of diligent work.

I encourage you most strongly to act quickly and firmly to direct this Commission on a productive path. The failure of this effort to encourage citizen participation in public affairs will most certainly discourage citizens' regarding government as a whole.


Mrs. Mark H. Hastert

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