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From the President

We are grateful to Amfac, Inc, and the architectural firm of Ossipoff, Snyder, Rowland and Goetz for their generous contribution during our limited solicitation drive. I'm pleased that these firms view our community efforts worthy of their contributions.

I'm also grateful to Betsy Tan and Fran Burgess for their outstanding efforts in budget and nominating committee chairmenships during January and February.

The Annual Meeting will be held on April 19 and will include election of officers and directors, discussion of the budget, evaluation of 1973-714 activities and goals for 1974-75. The business issues to be discussed include a topic most important to me personally—should the League of Women Voters permit men to become full-voting members. The very future of the League is at the heart of this discussion, It seems clear to me that no organization spending thousands of dollars and hours working for passage of the Equal Rights amendment can prohibit male memberships without hearing "hypocrite" cried from many quarters. However, there are many pros and cons in this issue, carefully discussed in the January-February national Voter. I encourage you to read it and respond. You know how I feel. I want to know where you stand on this controversial issue.

Diane Hastert

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