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Bring to May Units or Mail In


The State League Schools Committee has been working on a parent-power handbook for several months with the goal of making available a resource tool for parents and community groups to use in aiding their efforts to participate and contribute to their schools. The sections cover

  1. General Information (Parental Concerns)

  2. Structure (BOE, DOE, Advisory Councils )

  3. Curriculum

  4. Teachers (Classification, Coll. Barg.)

  5. Financing of Schools

  6. Appendix (District maps, DOE Structure chart)

Under General Information, the committee wishes to poll Leaguers on their highest concerns and possibly incorporate them in our drafts. Please feel free to add areas not presented.

I. If applicable, are your children in public schools ?

If you have had public or private school experiences, good or bad in any of these areas, please comment:

  1. Physical

  2. Academic

  3. Medical

  4. Learning Disabilities

  5. Discipline

  6. Counseling

  7. Safety

  8. Sex Education

  9. Other

II. In trying to provide parents with information on specific problems, do you know programs available ? net their costs, funding, personnel are ?

III. We realize our perspective is primarily middle-class. Can you speak to the concerns of parents- other than middle-class backgrounds ?

IV. Do you have professional, vocational or educational contact with graduates of the public schools ? (yes or no, please comment )

Thank you for your participation in our work; If you cannot bring this sheet to units, Please mail in to Vida Fassler, 722 Kipu Place, Hono. 96825

Vida Fassler

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