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Honolulu League Testimony
Before the City Council -- April, 1974

The League of Women Voters has taken no previous stand on the H3 (or TH3) issue nor one regarding a mass transit system (now fundamentally the fixed guideway proposal) but we do feel that a. decision on each should be made independently of each other and upon the merits of each as they strive to solve separate and distinctly different problems.

We would now like to comment on the relationship between planning and transportation, and reiterate a statement sent to the State Department of Transportation in November of 1963 that planning and transportation are inseparable.

Our organization feels that the transportation system has such a tremendous effect on the character of the community that it is itself a planning tool and decisions in transportation should take into consideration the impact on the future growth of the community. Much more is involved than the mere transportation of people and goods, important as that goal is. While trying to analyze and compare modes of transportation we realized that final decisions should be coordinated with the general plan in such a way that the effect on the community will be the primary criterion and that current availability of Federal aid secondary, rather than the reverse, as is now the case.

Since the general plan is currently being revised, as mandated by the Charter, it is difficult to see how adequate transportation planning can be done before the revision is complete. It must be done while the general plan will be a guide for the city in determining housing and commercial needs, those requirements for open spaces and recreational facilities and desired public transportation services which should accompany the planning decisions.

Therefore we are neither pro nor con H3 but hope decisions on it can be made along with decisions made regarding the general plan.

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