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President's Notes

This has been an exhilarating, interesting and sometimes exhausting year, filled with successes and failures, ups and downs, and most importantly - growing and experimentation for the League. I am grateful to all who have participated, and owe special thanks to those retiring board members. They have devoted hundreds of hours to their work and have offered me invaluable counsel,

Reflecting on this past year - I'm proud of our accomplishments and hope you are too. The duties of a multi-issue organization can be nearly staggering, and it has been possible for us to stay on top of our many program items only by devoted work of dozens of individuals. We have been active in planning, Diamond Head, transportation, land use, housing, schools, solid waste, water, campaign finance, air quality, trade and foreign affairs, and many other fields of League interest. In addition, we have had finance, voter service, and publications projects. In short, a dynamo of energy is working in the League to help build stronger, informed interest in government and politics,

As Eleanor Fitch so aptly commented at our Annual Meeting, "If there wasn't a League of Women Voters, someone would have to invent it." Our contributions to the community are deeply important, and our strength is increasing. In this next year there are being planned some important projects - in the fall a candidates fair to enhance interest in the election process and brim; citizens closer to the people asking for their votes. We will be working toward increased unit autonomy and the building of new units. In line with this will be more localized general meeting - some windward,

There will be more reaching out to other groups for cooperation and coalition, increasing our strength and others, while we heighten our impact.

There will be increased attempts to ascertain how candidates stand regarding issues we consider critical, and following elections to make sure these premises are kept, This isn't getting us into partisan politics, but will put us in the position of helping to make officials accountable to the electorate and that is our heavy responsibility. We might not always be popular, but that isn't why we're in business. As I said in my remarks to the Annual meeting - we don't just want to be known, we want to be known for our effectiveness,

The events of Watergate and subsequent disclosures of questionable practices among public officials has made it a difficult time to "keep the faith," This seems to me to Make the League's job more important. We stand for good government, and for dignity and honesty in handling the public trust. I think we do our job well, and are improving our techniques consistently, The new Board has wonderful potential, and as plans are formulated over the next few months you will be kept well informed by the Voter, I'm delighted to hear about any special interests or suggestions that any of you have. Please fill out the blanks provided in this Voter for program ideas as they will help us in calendar planning.

Congratulations to each of you on a successful year!

Diane Hastert

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