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Convention '74 - Summary

Delegates to Convention'74 made some historic choices:

--They opened the LWV to voting membership for men by adopting the League's own Equal Rights Amendment to the membership bylaw.

--They adopted a program with a strong action emphasis and voted to allow action on principles.

--They opted for a new approach to managing program by endorsing the proposed Task Force on Energy.

--They created a committee to review convention/council representation, League membership, and the nominations process and to make recommendations to the '76 convention.

They made other decisions, too--added to Representative Government a new focus on the role of the executive branch, amended a principle and several bylaws, adopted revised standards for League performance, passed two resolutions expressing the will of convention, and paused to take action against anti-busing legislation and for campaign finance reform. It was a fiscally responsible convention. For almost every action proposed, the question came: How will it affect the budget? The budget adopted was trimmed to reflect the gap between suggested and actual pledges. Delegates voted a $4.25 PMP for the biennium and indicated that any additional income from Leagues for FY 75-76 be sought by the state pledge route.

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