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Chairman -- All members please send to me at the LWV office any updates and/or corrections for the Roster to be published in the Fall. A decision was made to include BUSINESS LISTINGS of members. The exact format has not yet been worked out - please send any such information you would like included to me at the LWV office as soon as possible, The amount and type of information received will determine just how we will include it in the roster. We are considering a separate directory at the end of the book if space permits since this would permit maximum exposure of these business listings and ease of use by members.

Any suggestions regarding the format of the roster will be appreciated and considered in its publication.

Nancy Guille, Membership


Janet T. Armitage (G. Nelson) 42 Aikahi Loop, Kailua, 96734 WM

Sharon M, Fairbanks (David) 273 Panio St., Hon, 96821 HK 373-4798

Jerry Hess 1045 Koohoo P1, Kailua, 96734 262-4828 WM

Dorothy Marsh 55-046 Kam. Hy. Laie 96762 293-9544

Barbara J. Netzler 251 Kalalua, Hon, 96825 395-3984

Elizabeth Pendleton (Olin) 45-741 Ko St„ Kaneohe 96744 247-5061 WE

Marcia A. Wood (Hulton B.) 2859 Park St,, Hon. 96817 595=6023

Edwina Emerson (Wm.) 125 Poipu Dr„ Honolulu 96825 395-3901

Pamela McCorriston (Wm.) 452 Aulima Lp, Kailua 96734 262-6452

Helen V. Richards 1860 Ala Moana Blvd. #503 Honolulu 96815 949-2682

Dr. Charu M. Rao 6221 Milolili Pl. Honolulu, HI 96825 377-9656

Martha Taylor Roach 204 Makee Rd. #404 Honolulu, 96815 923-6146

Janet I. Stevenson (Douglas) 85 Dowsett Avenue Honolulu, 96817 595-4744

Jacquelline Parnell 1310 Heule St. #1701 Honolulu, 96822


Rhoda Lewis 548-6270 Phone

Helen Frederick 536-1878 Phone

Audrey Fox Anderson 2270 Kalakua Ave. #802 Honolulu 96815 Address

Agnes Gaughan 1858-9th Ave. Honolulu 96816 747-7458 Address

Nancy Guille 422-8684 Phone

Norene Hazzard at. Col. Robot.) 59-651 Alapio Rd. Haleiwa, 96712

Diane Komenaka (Ian H.) 617 Kaumaka Pl. Honolulu, 96825 Address

Mary Paik Address 500 University Ave. Apt. 931 Honolulu, 96822

Maury Muench 95 Laiki P., Kailua 96734-Address


Evelyn Allen Clara Berghoefer Elizabeth Bush Nancy Dykes Maya Fowler Agnes Gaughan Dr. Mary Glover Margaret Gressit Lila Grossman Norma Meen Rosalind Merron Gertrude Molton Charmain Jeffries Joan Katayama Mabel Keesling Helen Lewis Ellen Mann Susan Palmore Marion Saunders Marilyn Schank Betty Watanabe Mary F. Wou Adrienne Yee Marilyn Idemoto Kay Kaneko Lottie Unterman Beryl Wade Susan Weidmer Barbara Gates Maury Muench Mary Paik Jacqueline Wiggins Ann Davidson Jean Kiefer

We are all saddened by the news of the death of Edie Idler's son.

Her address is 46-465 Hololio St. Kaneohe 96744

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