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[League Notes]

A second letter was sent to the Council re H3. Though the League name was used on a Stop H3 petition the people concerned were informed that they had misinterpreted our position besides not asking our permission. See last Voter for the first letter to Council, the second is similar and in the office floe Board reading file. Letters stating our position were sent to the various presses,

A 'Delphi' questionnaire has been completed on Neighborhood Commissions. Please go to the hearings and let Diane hear your ideas on how the Neighborhood Boards can work.


There will be a planning workshop at Adeline Schutt's--251 Kaalawai Pl., Honolulu on August 2 at 9:30.

For reservations and further information call Del Freyer 734-2678 or Joan AAnavi 737-9402.

If you see the LWV's telephone number on your grocery bags you will understand why we need help staffing the office to answer phones in August from 9-12 AM.

If you have a morning or a few hours you can donate -- bring your needlework--call Dorothy Murdock at 536-0477 or the LWV office.

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