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October 1974

Kick-Off Luncheon
President's Notes (Diane Hastert)
Thinking about the Future
Neighborhood Commission
October 14
League's Angels
Action on Principles
Lucy Wilson Benson's Speech
National Program for Action, 1974-76
Local Program 1974-76
Report from the Hill
Welcome Our New Members!
1974-75 Board of Directors and Committee Chairmen

1974-75 Board of Directors and Committee Chairmen


President Diane Hastert 373-1124

Vice-President/Planning Comm. Adeline Schutz 734-7248

Secretary/Candidate's Profile Laura Goo 395-5589

Treasurer/Nominating Comm. Betty Anderson 941-3285

Aloha Voter/Program Planning Jane Ball 261-2576

Public Relations Maury Muench 262-5684

Membership/Units Coor. Nancy Guille 422-8682

Finance Edna Shoup 239-9894

Publications/Annual Meeting Betty Buck 988-4497

Voter Service Bea Bennett 734-7527

Transportation Betty Kernahan 536-5269

Neighborhood Comm. Marian Heidel 261-3262

Air Quality Anna Hoover 262-6205

Executive Study Connie Hastert 531-5169


Solid Waste Judy Blatchford 395-4951

Water Quality Jean Roberts 922-3736

Representative Govt. Marian Wilkins 261-0549

International Relations Barbara Wiebanga 395-4951

Action Advisor Dee Lum 49-6716

Candidates' Fair Gretel McLane 734-0804

Office Staff Dorothy Murdock 536-0477

Office Manager Ruth Snyder. 373-6178

Nominating Claudia Patil 734-2950

Diamond Head Mildred Walston 941-2938

Observer Coordinator Helen Frederick 536-1378


Leeward (A.M.)

Unit Chairman Amanda Hicks 689-8265

Unit Membership Pat Rossi 488-6650

Honolulu (A.M.)

Unit Chairman Dorothy Murdock 536-0477

Unit Membership

Honolulu (P.M.)

Unit Chairman Betsy Gould 521-7095

Unit Membership Helen Whorton 524-1686

Hawaii Kai (A.M.)

Unit Chairman AnnMarie Duca 395-5771

Unit Membership Penny Walwork 395-4034 bus 261-4611

Windward (A.M.)

Unit Chairman Kay Goodhue res 235-1184

Unit Membership Pam McCoriston 262-6452

Windward (P.M.)

Unit Chairman Marian Heide/ 261-3262

Unit Membership Pam Yoshimoto 235-1797

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