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Action on Principles

ACTION ON PRINCIPLES--One of the most far reaching decisions of the Convention was the adoption of the following amendment to the by-laws proposed by South San Mateo County California by a vote of 1,055 to 339. The by-law now reads:

Article XIII

Section 1. The program of the Lea- League of Women Voters shall consist of (a) action to implement the Principles, and (b) those governmental issues chosen for concerted study and action.

We are now authorized to act on our principles which were arrived at in the past by our traditional method of study and consensus) without necessarily going through the whole process again.

This, obviously, does not mean that we can immediately act on an issue without careful thought. If a specific issue arises upon which we wish to take action, we must be sure that:

1) we build in member understanding and knowledge--the membership is informed and in general agreement;

2) ask for some basic member agreement--perhaps concurrence;

3) obtain board approval.

It is important that it be clear what possible action on this position will mean. This change in the by-laws does allow us a greater flexibility and freedom towards reaching goals that we have long supported.

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