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National Program for Action, 1974-76

Citizen participation in government is basic to the democratic process and is therefore the cornerstone of the League's political purpose. The League acts in the public interest on political issues. We also act to enlarge citizen participation: to open up electoral and other government processes, to make facts on issues and on the political process more accessible, to protect the right of every citizen to vote, and to protect individual liberties established under the Constitution.

The League uses many forums and techniques in pressing for change.

We take legislative, litigative and administrative action at all levels of government. To get things done, we also act directly in the community. Simultaneously, in preparation future action, we take up new issues identified by members as targets for research and decision.

Whatever the issue, the League believes that government policy, programs and performance must meet these criteria:

--competent personnel with clear responsibilities

--coordination among agencies and levels of government

--adequate financing

--effective enforcement, and

--well-defined channels for citizen input and review.


Action to achieve a physical environment beneficial to life, including improvement d' water and air quality promotion of wise use of water resources, progress in recycling and reduction in generation of solid wastes. (Adopted by voice voe).


Action to achieve equal rights for. all, combat discrimination and poverty and provide equal access to housing, employment and quality education. (Adopted by voice vote).


Action to achieve liberal trade

practices, to promote sound international development and to strengthen the United Nations, in recognition of the need for cooperation among nations in an interdependent world, (Adopted by voice vote).


Action to promote an open governmental system that is representative, accountable, and responsive to all citizens, emphasizing comprehensive reforms in campaign financing and in congressional structure and procedures and an evaluation of the role of the executive branch. (Adopted by voice vote).


A national task force on energy issues (composed of board and non-board members) to direct the production of energy-related materials to further League and public understanding and to produce recommendations to be used as a basis for League discussion, concurrence and action.

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