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Neighborhood Commission

Though we didn't see many Leaguers in attendance, we trust that you have been aware of the many' "information" meetings the Neighborhood Commissioners have been holding throughout the island during the months of June and July. These hearings were conducted in order to gain the ideas of the citizens and organizations of each community on what the functions and boundaries of a :Neighborhood Board would be. Attendance was pretty meager at nearly all the hearings, and it was rare that an individual or organization came prepared with some well-thought out suggestions. More often it seemed that people came expecting to be told by the Commissioners what these Boards would be.

However, the Commission is getting into high gear, with a rough draft of a Neighborhood Plan now being worked over in the weekly Commission meetings. Joan Yim, newly appointed Executive Secretary, says that September is the month for input and discussion on the alternatives they will present; in October and November full-scale public hearings will be held. It is very important, Mrs Yim says, that the public turn out for these hearings; it is the last chance for public input, and to show support for the whole idea. We exist as LWV for the purpose of increasing citizen participation in government, so watch the newspapers and the Voter for the dates and places, and attend! December will see the finalizing of the Plan, with December 31 being the filing date called for in the City Charter.

The Neighborhood Commission meets every Wednesday 2 p.m., in the. City Council Chambers. A newsletter is periodically being mailed out to interested persons and organizations,. call Joan Yim, Neighborhood Commission, City Hail.

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