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Action Alley


Leaguers continue to be present at neighborhood commission meetings, land use commission boundary review hearings, as well as city council and planning committee meetings. If you are interested in doing this kind of action contact Diane Hastert.

Letters were sent to the Mayor encouraging an official Citizen Advisory group for the Capitol District; and recommending Ruth Snyder for the Neighborhood Commission.

Communications have been directed to our congressmen on strip mining, campaign finance, housing and urban development and the community services act. These letters are in the office in the board reading file.

Representative Matsunaga, member of the House Rules Committee has been contacted to elicit support for reforms pending in that committee, and then for future support when the bills reach the floor. A Letter to the Editor was sent to this effect locally.

Members are encouraged to write Mrs. Mink and Mr. Matsunaga urging support for: consolidation of all forms of transportation items in one committee (Public Works and transportation); consolidation of all environmental concerns in one special committee; separate the Education and Labor committees so that the two would have the staff and member expertise in each area and thus help speed the legislative process; consolidate all international trade legislation under the Foreign Affairs Committee; place campaign financing and federal election oversight into Committee on Standards of Official Conduct; limit Committee assignments to one "A" committee per house member and to abolish proxy voting in order that active participation and member knowledge can make more effective use of the member's time; increase committee staff and guarantee one-third of all staff to the minority party; and to require that all standing, committees with more than 15 members have at least four subcoms.


Ms. Kawashima spoke at the Governor's Energy Conference as a representative from the State Energy Conservation Committee It was stressed that it is up to local planning to utilize zoning and building codes and transportation modes to save energy substantially.

Leaguers met with State House Rules Reform Committee chaired by publisher John Scott. Suggested were open meetings for both houses, regular decision making meetings, adequate public notice on hearings, and com. meetings, sub-com structure for better working structure, less absenteeism and more professionalism.

Testimony at the Five Year Boundary Review workshops on the three islands with Leagues point out that regulations should provide adequate guidelines for decisions for answering--

1. Is this use needed at all?

2. Is this an appropriate location?

3. Are there any alternatives?

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