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President's Notes

This promises to be one of the most important and exciting months of the League year, starting with the Primary Election on 5 October. Preceding this we proudly will be distributing 15,000 copies of our Candidate's Profiles on City Council candidates. In addition, the Honolulu Advertiser has seen fit to run the Profiles in serial form starting on 15 September which gave us the benefit of that beautiful Sunday circulation. We're grateful to contributions from Amfac, Inc. and Castle and Cook, and we applaud their interest in presenting non-partisan information to the voters. Eternal thanks to Laura Goo, production and Nancie Perea for distribution.

A year's hard work will culminate in the Candidate's Fair on 14 October at Ala Moana Center. Issues, entertainment, the old fashioned color of campaign rallies. Don't miss this chance to meet the candidates and expand League image. There will be lots of work to do and all help will be appreciated. Use your bumper strips and please help deliver posters.

Units on 21-25 October are crucial, as important as any we'll have all year,. The criteria for land use and planning community action, action on zoning decisions, action on the General Plan Revision Program,. action on all of those planning related issues that have troubled us for years. The criteria and amplifications of them will be discussed, and most importantly how units Can testify and move on their own. Our goals are multiple 1. Increased action in the community to influence planning issues more intensely. 2. Expand Unit independence and action ability; 3. Enhance League image in the community and 4. Increase membership.

I hope to see as many of you participating in these units as possible.

Diane Hastert

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