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Candidates' Fair

"It was the kind of rally that political candidates dream of", said The Honolulu Advertiser in their coverage of the Candidates' Fair.

The final, frantic weeks of contacting merchants, telephoning candidates, setting up interviews and sending out news spots, all came together in one grand finale on Monday Oct. 14.

Arrivals were greeted by the sight of helium balloons, bunting, and red, white, and blue crepe paper which created a festive atmosphere with a professional tone. Over 70 candidates, having been assigned three -hour shifts, arrived during the day, bringing managers, signs, literature and even helium balloons. Seeing the Lanai area filled with voters and candidates, was a very sweet reward for all those who worked on the Fair.

There were a tremendous number of League and community people who involved themselves with the fair. Although it is a very long list, we urge you to read through and remember all those who gave in so many ways.

We will start with the day of the Fair. McDonalds donated all the cokes and coffee we could carry out for the candidates and workers. Even though they had a very busy day, they were always pleasant as we trooped out with 20 drinks at a time.

Straw hats donated by Farrells and beautifully decorated by Barbara Owen, were worn by all the Fair workers.

The entertainment was one of the highlights of the day. The morning shift featured Al Harrington, who emceed with such enthusiasm that everyone wanted to rush in and meet their candidates. He wad followed by the Kapakahi Jug Band, lead by Duane Preble. Their country style and witty sayings provided the perfect touch for a political rally. The afternoon segment was Hawaiian in flavor with The Kailua Madrigal Singers and Shigeru Hotoke putting on a complex show featuring many costume changes. They played to an audience that was solidly packed around the stage, up the steps and hanging over the railing. In the evening John Norris and his New Orleans Jazz Band gave us an entirely different type of music. The House of Music in Ala Moana generously loaned a piano for the entertainers' use.

Following each entertainment period, a drawing was held for some of the 45 prizes donated by the Ala Moana merchants. These included:

B.D. Howes--a travel alarm

Carol & Mary--a towel set and kitchen chock

Coral Reef Restaurant--two dinners for two

Continental Restaurant--12 gift certificates for $2.50 each.

Crazy Shirts--1 free shirt

Honolulu Book Store--1 book

McInerny--two $10 gift certificates.

McDonalds--25 gift certificates for hamburger and fries.

Ross Sutherland--a key chain and $10 gift certificate

Sears--three $10 gift certificates

Security Diamond--$25 gift certificate.

Slipper House--1 purse, 2 pairs of slippers.

J. C. Penney -- a portable mixer

The tables and chairs used during the Fair were loaned by St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, Kailua.

Sylvianne Nakamura of the Ala Moana Center office spent a great deal of time advising Gretel and Maury about entertainment, set up, and publicity.

Prior to the Fair, we received quite a bit of help in securing the publicity that was so necessary for success.

Our splashy red, white, and blue Candidates' Fair poster was designed by Gib Black & Friends, and it was used by many Ala Moana Center merchants. The bumper stickers were created by Mark Hastert.

The week prior to the 14th, Foodland, McInerney, Sears, Security Diamond, Swiss Colony featured promotional drop-ins of the Fair in their advertising. Foodland also coordinated the printing of shopping bags showing a Lyons cartoon which read "The League of Women Voters asks you to register to vote."

We had a great deal of cooperation from the media. Everyone did their best to give some type of service.

KGMB, KITV, KHET, and KHON all ran spots during the preceding week and gave good coverage to the fair itself. Various radio stations cooperated with spots and KGU even taped an innocent League husband who happened to answer his phone. KHVH gave us Viewpoint time in connection with the Fair and AKU aired our plugs willingly.

The Advertiser, Star-Bulletin, and the Sun Press were extremely generous in their pre- and post-Fair coverage of the event. We were especially grateful to Murry Engle who showed so much interest when writing the Today article for the Sunday paper. We were also indebted to Bill Miller for taking and developing our publicity shots which were used by several papers.

These people contributed their time to the publicity committee:

Typing--Kathy Schmidt

Ala Moana Solicitation-

Ellie Carter, Ruth Cole, Dede Costello, Marilee Hoskins, Ann Kent, Kathy Schmidt

Radio Spots--Jane Ball

Publicity Shots--Ann Kent, Susan Weidmer

* * * * *

Thank you, thank you to every member of the League--and we're proud that there were so many of you--who participated in any way in our BIG FIRST-TIME CANDIDATES FAIR. Special thanks first of all to Maury Muench who thought she was just taking on a PR job, and who ended up being cochairman of the Candidates Fair as well.

To our committee heads, I can only say, it was a hard job, beautifully done. The decorations, designed and carried out by Joy Curry and Marilee Hoskins, were perfect. We owe a great debt to the dedication of Barbara Owen who persevered in spite of great adversity and came up with the ideal live entertainment. And to Bea Bennett, our recorded-sound specialist, may thanks for sorting through the complexities of setting up the background marches.

To Deedee Costello, many, many thanks for persistence shown in the face of the constantly shifting sand of printers' estimates for our bus posters and bumper stickers. To Amanda Edwards, thanks for using your friendly persuasion to net us several more candidates and prizes than we would have had otherwise. Thanks to Claudia Patil, creator of the "Key Issues" sheets; to Sharon Yokote and Lorraine Omori, our inside operatives in the LG's office, for candidates lists, district maps, and the ballot box; to Ruth Snyder and Laura Goo for helping with the candidates' letters; and, finally, to the following hostesses and telephoners for their cooperation, stamina, and good work!

League Hostesses and Decorators:

Shift I (more or less)

Jane Ball, Bea Bennett, Dorothy Bremner Betty Buck, Millie Copi Joy Curry, (chairman) Laura Goo, Betty Hemphill, Marilee Hoskins (co-chairman), Barb Jacobson, Melvia Kawashima, Jennie Lowe Dorothy Marsh, Evelyn Oishi, Susan Palmore, Pat Rossi, Edna Shoup, Jan Stevenson, Betsy Tan, Carol Whitesell, Marian Wilkins

Shift II

Janet Armitage, Judy Blatchford, Fran Burgess, Deedee Costello, Marian Heidel, Jerry Hess, Anna Hoover, Dee Lum, Barbara Owen, Marty Roach, Betty Tobiasson

Shift III

Glendora Alder, Claudia Gauen, Joann Green, Connie Hastert Carol Sayers, Adeline Schutz


Dorothy Bremner, Betty Buck, Amanda Edwards, Connie Hastert, Diane Hastert, Anna Hoover, Melvia Kawashima, Dee Lum, Susan Palmore, Winifred Phillips, Betsy Ten

*** ***

Let the Board know how you feel about the following questions:

  1. How can the Fair idea be improved upon if it is put on again n the future?

  2. Did we really do anything for the House candidates, and if —not, how can we really help thorn?

  3. Is the candidates profile (voters’ guide) a valuable aid to the community which should be done instead of or in addition to the Fair?

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